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Achieve more with a streamlined high-powered Online Management Solution.


WhiteOak's OMS is a complete end-to-end web-to-print workflow and management platform, integrating web-based ordering, design and file submission, and fully automating these processes to provide the ultimate branded online experience.


The service offers immediate value in terms of business creativity, ease of use and efficiency. The system allows for diverse business flows ranging from simple, three-click reprint orders for inexperienced users to more sophisticated, customized flows that can include variable data, approval cycles, cost centers, branded sites, login-dependent launch pads or guest logins.

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Imagine having access to all of your collateral, including stationery, marketing materials, promotional items, forms and more at any time, 24/7.


And you can create “branded,” one-to-one marketing pieces online, review a PDF instantly, and process the order in minutes. Keeping track of your project is just as easy with full access to the orders.


Increasing Efficiency with OMS:  As distributed marketing organizations look for ways to help their associates and franchises operate more efficiently and effectively, hundreds have chosen WhiteOak’s OMS for printing management, deploying marketing campaigns and digital asset management.

Both flexible and scalable, WhiteOak’s Digital OMS serves more than 2,600 users in a wide range of industries, including manufacturing companies, franchises, advertising agencies, financial organizations, hospital systems, and education systems.

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Printing Automation for Marketing & Corporate Materials:  Personalized print communications – such as direct mail, catalogs, letters and brochures – can be some of the most impactful sales and marketing communications your company will make. However, they can also be time and resource intensive to produce unless you use an OMS.


WhiteOak’s Online Management Solutions are designed to eliminate the repetitive, manual processes often involved in designing, proofing, printing and delivering print materials and direct marketing. Our print automation systems are integrated with our Variable Data Printing technology, producing highly-personalized print in a seamless process.

Flexibility & Connectivity:  WhiteOak’s Online Management Solutions are flexible and scalable to match your company’s unique goals and demands. One of WhiteOak’s OMS clients requires access to more than 4,600 corporate images.  WhiteOak built an integration to allow users to access the images and easily incorporate the images into marketing materials. Another OMS client requires videos for user access.  The videos provide the users with additional product information.


Benefits to Print Consumers and Marketing Departments:


  • Time to delivery - 24/7 job ordering
  • Easy ordering Quick access to reprints
  • No more errors
  • Finished goods inventory
  • Instant online quotes
  • Instant PDF proofs
  • Build a customized booklet or catalog
  • Reporting features
  • Assign budgets to users
  • Control and manage your print needs
  • Upload and modify images
  • Reduced costs
  • Improve efficiencies
  • Branded storefronts
  • Create personalized marketing collateral online
  • Upload mail list and create a variable data mailer


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